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World’s Largest Open House for the Future of Learning: Honorary Co-chairs -- Daya and Jasiri X -- call upon Pittsburgh’s Families and Youth to Experience 350 Events during Remake Learning Days

 The Remake Learning Network, renowned for launching educational innovations now recognized nationally, will host more than 350 fun and mostly free events from May 15-26 during Remake Learning Days. Parents, families, and kids are invited to experience hands-on, technologyinfused, engaging learning experiences in neighborhoods across southwest Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


“Remake Learning was born out of an idea to better prepare young students for the 21st century, and Remake Learning Days was launched in 2016 to help the adults in kids’ lives experience for themselves how much education has changed,” said Dorie Taylor, Producer for Remake Learning Days.


“Most of our current K-12 schools were designed to help students work in a 20th century economy. What’s needed today, experts and advocates say, is a fundamental rethinking, a learning revolution to better meet this generation’s needs.”


There will be more than 350 events in towns and neighborhoods across the Pittsburgh region and West Virginia. Events will be hosted by local schools, museums, libraries, companies, recreation centers, and community-based organizations. Each day will feature a specific theme, including the arts, maker learning, outdoor learning, science, technology, and youth voice. From coding and gaming to inventing and making, every young person will find events connected to their own passions and interest.


“I feel fortunate to have grown up in Pittsburgh, where music programs were strong and accessible, and I was free to explore my passion. I’m thrilled to see Remake Learning Days elevate innovative and specialty learning so that other students can study their passions in the same way I did,” said Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and honorary co-chair of Remake Learning Days, Daya. (pictured)


Last year, more than 30,000 people attended more than 270 events during the inaugural Remake Learning Days. Additionally, philanthropies, businesses, and governments committed more than $25 million to support innovative teaching and learning, prompting everyone from Forbes magazine to the World Economic Forum to the Obama Administration to take notice. These investments built on more than $30 million in similar support during the past decade and are expected to impact more than 400,000 students and nearly 20,000 educators regionally.


"I have always been the type of individual that learns best when experiencing something,” said Pittsburgh hip-hop artist and honorary co-chair of Remake Learning Days, Jasiri X. (pictured) “Experiential learning is not only necessary in my opinion, but it's fun. It feels less like work when you're doing something you love. I believe that Remake Learning experiences help shift youth perception of what work truly can be.”


This year, Remake Learning Days will launch with a kickoff open to the public at PNC Park on Monday, May 15, from 3 to 6 p.m. This free family-friendly, drop-in event will feature dozens of creative hands-on activities along with light refreshments, supported by Google Geek Street and the 2017 Remake Learning Days Presenting Sponsors.


Other Remake Learning Days highlights:

• Across the key themes, there are 89 maker events, 83 arts events, 77 technology events, 40 science events, 30 outdoor learning events, and 27 youth voice events;

• The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will host 25 events across its branch system, featuring a robot raceway, virtual reality, Labs workshops for teens, the Labsy Awards Art Show and more;

• Innovative corporations such as Duolingo, Schell Games, Inventionland and TechShop Pittsburgh will host open houses for the public to gain insights into the latest technology and their work;

• Many museums and arts organizations will host hands-on learning sessions for youth of all ages, including the Heinz History Center, Carnegie Science Center, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Manchester Craftsmen Guild, and more;

• Across the Pittsburgh region, 29 school districts are hosting showcases and events for Remake Learning Days;

• A partner committed to reducing the Digital Divide, Comcast encourages all families who qualify for the National School Lunch program to explore its Internet Essentials program, which offers low-cost internet; and • There will be 45 professional development opportunities across the region for educators to explore “remake learning” on a deeper level.

For more information, visit http://remakelearningdays.org. You also can follow Remake Learning Days on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @remakelearning or #RemakeDays

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