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“We are going to fight like hell.” Pittsburgh women march on Trump’s Washington.

As a retired educator, Nancy Washington, 77, said the future of education is one reason she is participating in the Women's March on Washington. She will march with her daughter and granddaughter. (Photo by Martha Rial/PublicSource)


Nancy Washington, a 77-year-old Oakland resident, never marched for a cause. Yes, she has been a lifelong advocate for equal rights and, yes, social activism runs in her family. But the Women’s March on Washington will be her first.

To her, it’s the right thing to do. And the right time to do it.

Washington has experienced the consequences of not speaking out. During her career at the University of Pittsburgh, she worked hard to advance the rights of women and minority students and staff, but wished she had pushed longer and harder instead of opting out for early retirement.

But she immediately said yes when her oldest daughter Linda Armstrong, a physician, asked her to march with her and her granddaughter, Zoe, the day after Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. “I want her to be proud of me and know that I am proud of the woman she has become.”

Washington feels she does not have much time left to stand up for her beliefs and voice her concerns over the direction the country may be heading.

As a third-generation teacher, Washington is especially concerned about the fate of education if it were to be turned over to the states, as well as health care and the environment. “I am worried about every little thing that could happen in the next few years,” Washington said.

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