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Eve Picker, whose company, we do property, manages the building on which the billboard resides, indicated in a recent statement that the message will be reinstated per the wishes of the community.
Her statements can be read here.
A panel discussion on the message’s removal featuring Alisha B. Wormsley, the interdisciplinary artist behind the message, will be held at Kelly-Strayhorn Theater on April 18th at 4 pm.
A pdf version of our response can be found here.
Photo of The Last Billboard via Jon Rubin.







For the past month The Last Billboard has been exhibiting Alisha Wormsley’s text “There are Black People in the Future.“ Alisha is a celebrated Pittsburgh-based artist and cultural producer (winner of the 2016 City of Pittsburgh Mayor’s Award for Public Art) whose work explores collective memory and the synchronicity of time, specifically through the stories of women of color. Alisha’s text for the billboard comes from her ongoing art practice, particularly her interest in Afrofuturism.

Last week, The Last Billboard’s landlord, We Do Property, forced Alisha’s text to be taken down over objections to the content (through a never-before evoked clause in the lease that gives the landlord the right to approve text).

I believe in the power, poetry, and relevance of Alisha’s text and see absolutely no reason it should have been taken down. I find it tragically ironic, given East Liberty’s history and recent gentrification, that a text by an African American artist affirming a place in the future for black people is seen as unacceptable in the present.

The artist will be part of a public panel discussion about the text and its removal hosted by the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in the next few weeks. More information to come.

Source: - Jon Rubin, Founder and Curator of The Last Billboard


More Information Click Here

Founded in 2010, The Last Billboard is a 36 foot long rooftop billboard located on the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Each month a different artist is invited to use the billboard. The custom designed billboard consists of a rail system with wooden letters that are changed by hand.

Founded and curated by Jon Rubin.

Billboard designed by Pablo Garcia and Jon Rubin.

Funding comes through The Pittsburgh Foundation.

The billboard is administered through the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University

The billboard is curated through direct invitation only. 


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