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In their 1968 book, Black Rage, psychiatrists William Grier and Price Cobbs introduced the concept of cultural paranoia to describe the healthy distrust many Blacks developed in response to systemic racial oppression.   For example, many Blacks have a healthy distrust of medical research given that All throughout slavery, enslaved Black people were subjected to countless cruel and inhuman medical studies and experiments…  When J. Marion Sims who some still hail as the ‘father of modern gynecology’ …conducted multiple experiments on enslaved women…, [he did the] surgeries on the women without using any anesthesia because he believed the operations weren’t “painful enough to justify the trouble...”  (Taylor Gordon, December 2, 2014). 



Cultural paranoia was reinforced after [1] medical scientists infected Black men with sexually transmitted diseases; [2] Black babies were infected with experimental measles vaccines; [3] scientists exposed Black children in Baltimore to lead paint poisoning; [4] Flint citizens were permitted to drink water contaminated by fecal bacteria and toxic substances; and [5] the use of Henrietta Lacks’ genes contributed to an industry of inestimable financial value, but few benefits to her family.   

Matters rise to the level of a conspiracy when an evil, treacherous, or surreptitious plan is formulated in secret by two or more persons as was the case with the government’s COINTELPRO program which was used by the FBI to spy on U.S. citizens with the ultimate goal being “…to disrupt, discredit, and destroy certain political groups…”  Among those specifically acted against were Civil Rights organizations and their leaders. (See http://legal- ictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Cointelpro

Conspiracies are genocidal in nature when there is a deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group as might be the case when we consider the multi-faceted attack on Black Americans by way of homicides, imprisonment, drugs, and other institutionalized destructive forces.  For example, the research report BLACK GIRLS MATTER: PUSHED OUT, OVERPOLICED, AND UNDERPROTECTED indicated that  “…Black girls face a variety of factors – historical, institutional, and social – that heighten their risk of underachievement and detachment from school, rendering them vulnerable to the lifelong consequences of dropping out…” 

An April 2016 Atlanta Black Star article indicated, “Black women are more likely to go to prison than women of any other racial or ethnic group. In fact, 1 in 16 African-American women — in contrast to 1 in 111 white women and 1 in 45 Latina women — will see the inside of a prison at some point in their lifetime, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.”

A Women’shealth.gov article stated, “Of all minority groups, African-Americans have the most, and many times the largest, differences in health risks when compared to other minority groups. African-Americans have more disease, disability, and early death as well…  Lack of health care plays a large part in some of these problems. African-American women are less likely to receive health care. When they do get care, they are more likely to get it late…” https://www.womenshealth.gov/minority-health/african-americans/  Yet, at this very moment, affordable health care is under attack by a Republican-led Congress and President.

For more than a decade, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) annually reported that young Black men are disprortinately homicide victims.  Justin Wolfer, David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy wrote an April 20, 2015 article that indicated there were 1.5 million missing 25-54 year-old Black men primarily due to incarceration and early deaths.  In 2016, based on CDC data, Hillary Clinton stated, "The gun epidemic is the leading cause of death of young African-American men, more than the next nine causes put together." 

On May 1, 2017, the reality of Black homicides was underscored by the record setting 108 homicides in Baltimore, with a disproportionate number of victims being Black.  Days later, over a three hour period, 3 more homicides occurred.  As other violent crime rates continue to rise, shouldn’t we be suspicious given that the Mayor’s Office on Criminal Justice lost nearly half its staff and more than $1 million in funding? (See The Baltimore Sun, May 6, 2017)

Like the street hustle “3 card Monte” game, we might be unable to identify the conspiracy against Blacks because the game is rigged by the con man and his assistants who keep our eyes inappropriately focused.   For example, one is left to wonder just what kind of con is occurring when we learn that the United States can send Special Forces more than 7,500 miles to Pakistan and kill Osama Bin Laden, but the combined local, state, and federal forces cannot capture those responsible for supplying guns and drugs within Black communities. 

Isn’t it a blatant con game when a key POTUS 45 2016 campaign promise was to end opioid addiction but recently he proposed a 95% ($364 million) cut in the Office of National Drug Control Policy? (See The Washington Post, May 6, 2017)

What are we to think when the United States government can track the movement of illegal drugs around the world, the primary entry points of drugs into our country, and the subsequent circulation of drugs along specific interstate highways, but allegedly it cannot track and end the distribution of drugs in infested Black communities?  Isn’t it in fact an evil, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons when first poor Black communities are infested with drugs and then laws are passed with severe penalties resulting in life sentences for Blacks convicted of minor drug offenses? 

The government knows the top 25 gun manufacturing companies as well as the primary entities licensed to sell guns.  Novices can go to the Internet and find a plethora of links for purchasing guns.  Yet, we are asked to believe that the government does not know how to end the illegal circulation of guns used against Black homicide victims.  Regarding “who’s on first” with guns, try connecting the following dots:  

·        It was the NRA that successfully lobbied the government to eliminate funds for research related to gun violence.  (See Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence updated July 15, 2013).   

·        When POTUS 45 gave his recent keynote speech to the NRA, he told them, “Only one candidate in the General Election came to speak to you… you came through for me, and I am going to come through for you…”  

·        U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. ruled against key aspects of the D.C. laws restricting guns.   

·        Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered a review of all Justice Department consent agreements regarding police conduct.  On May 3, 2017 the Justice Department indicated it would not prosecute the two officers who killed Alton Sterling due to “insufficient” evidence. 

Some might view the foregoing as just another conspiracy theory.  However, there are so many documented dastardly deeds related to the destruction of Black lives that responsible citizens should consider the strong possibility that we are in the presence of a death dealing conspiracy that makes use of guns, drugs, and prisons!   As was the case with heroin, we know it would at least be deemed a national crisis if the same human destruction primarily impacted Whites.    


Jack L. Daniel,

Co-founder, Freed Panther Society

Pittsburgh Urban Media Contributor


May 8, 2017

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