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Led by the Modern Frank and Jesse James Gang


Before we become bamboozled by the fake news of “mission accomplished,” let’s examine some of the core claims and attempt to “follow the money.”  A good beginning point is the notion of deconfliction, a term that “…refers to attempts to avoid misunderstandings and potential direct clashes between Russia and the west in Syria, where for years Russia has been targeting Syrian opposition forces, and western coalition planes have been operating largely against Islamic State targets…”  The deconfliction hotline was “…established in 2016 between US central command in Qatar and its Russian equivalent in Syria…” (The Guardian, April 12, 2018).

In short, “Frank” and “Jesse,” AKA POTUS 45 and PUTIN, have a hotline whereby they can signal each other if they were about to do some serious damage in Syria and, in turn, steps could be taken to avoid a conflict between each other. The most recent Syria strike demonstrated the effectiveness of using the deconfliction hotline.  A synopsis of the deconflicted results is as follows:  [1] 105 missiles hit critical chemical making factories in Syria; [2] not one individual was killed; [3] Russia had a global and local air defense system but did not order it to be deployed and nor did it take any other military actions; [4] notwithstanding its military capacity, Syria’s defense system proved to be completely ineffective; and [5] not all of Syria’s chemical producing capacity was destroyed.  For more details, see http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/20120/heres-all-the-details-the-pentagon-just-released-regarding-its-missile-attack-on-syria

Playing possum, Russia called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council and introduced a resolution condemning America, Britain and France for carrying out the attack.  During the meeting, Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia exclaimed, “This is hooliganism in international relations, and not minor hooliganism given that we’re talking about major nuclear powers!” Ambassador Nikki Haley stated, “Last night, we obliterated the major research facility that it used to assemble weapons of mass murder. I spoke to the President this morning and he said if the Syrian regime uses this poison gas again, the United States is locked and loaded. When our President draws a red line, our President enforces the red line” (UN News, April 14, 2018).  As the ruse continued, what some members of the public might have overlooked is the fact that the game was rigged, i.e., America, Britain, or France could each exercise veto power if the resolution was approved. 

One might better understand the “winking, blinking, and looking the other way” by recalling that, on March 29, 2018 POTUS 45 declared, "We're knocking the hell out of ISIS. We'll be coming out of Syria like very soon. Let the other people take care of it now." (CNN Politics)   Given that he means what he says when he draws red lines, why, just days later, does he order the massive Syrian intervention?  Could it be, for example, the money associated with the producer of the Tomahawk missiles?

In 2016, Raytheon (only America’s 3rd largest “defense” contractor) sold the U.S. Defense Department 149 Tomahawk Missiles for $202 million.  A 2017 Raytheon report indicated, “Raytheon Company – with 2017 sales of $25 billion and 64,000 employees, is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. With a history of innovation spanning 96 years, Raytheon provides state-of-the-art electronics, mission systems integration, C5I™ products and services, sensing, effects, and mission support for customers in more than 80 countries.”  file:///C:/Users/jackldaniel/Downloads/Investor%20Factsheet%20(2).pdf


It is estimated that a top grade Tomahawk missile could cost $1.5 million!  In addition to possibly more than $100 million worth of missiles dropped on Syria, there were millions if not billions of dollars associated with the three countries’ deployment of ships, planes, and personnel associated with the bombing; and still to be accounted for are the revenues that will be generated by the contractors who will replace the used missiles and other materials.  

Seeking to bring closure to the immediate drama, there came the public explanation that helped detract from the possibility of a money motive.  Recall that part of the 3-Card Monte card game consists of the dealer working with a shill who distracts the mark (American citizens), by making the mark believe he/she can win but of course the mark never wins.  In the immediate instance, Pentagon chief spokesperson, Ms. Dana White, with support from U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, served in the detractor roles of getting some Americans to believe America was being made great again by attacking Syria.

               In the context of the American racialized society, how could one not have their attention drawn to and be dazzled by the African American woman, Ms. Dana White, who serves as chief Pentagon spokesperson?   Ms. White confirmed the regime’s story line by stating that the U.S. was not taking sides in the Syrian civil war; that there was no intent to depose Assad; and that the attack was caused by Assad’s use of chemical weapons.  Parenthetically, to appreciate the depth of the duplicity, it is worth noting that Ms. White once described POTUS 45 as a "narcissist," an "egomaniac," and "damaging for the Republican brand" but nevertheless she felt compelled to help him defeat Hillary Clinton. (See Washington Examiner April 16, 2018). 

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but so many aspects of the most recent Syrian bombing do make one say “hmm,” do make one ask, “Really?”  Notwithstanding the hype associated with his new book, the recent Syrian ruse does encourage one to read James Comey’s A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership in order to ascertain if he documents his claim that POTUS 45 is morally unfit to serve as President and is more like a mob boss than a President. 



Jack L. Daniel (pictured above)

Co-Founder, Freed Panther Society

Pittsburgh Urban Media Contributor

April 23, 2018


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