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PITTSBURGH, PA (March 30, 2017) - Mayor William Peduto's Chief of Staff Kevin Acklin (pictured) issued the following statement this afternoon in response to comments made by Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner about the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA):




"We are pressing full speed ahead with the Mayor's plans to evaluate a potential restructuring of PWSA and provide safe and reliable water to residents of our city, and we will not be distracted by cheap political sideshows.
As is the case with politics unfortunately, there are several lies and mistruths being spun by politicians on the sidelines seeking to take advantage of a situation. The Mayor is directing a full, open and transparent process at PWSA to address financial, billing, and operations issues, and safeguarding the quality of our city's water system. While full privatization is not an option, we are evaluating all other available options to solve current problems put PWSA on the best footing for future generations.


There are presently legal restrictions under state law prohibiting PWSA from removing private water lines, which have been confirmed by Judge Wettick of the Court of Common Pleas. The Mayor believes there should be no legal bar whatsoever against PWSA removing services line containing lead, regardless of who owns them. We are partnering with Senator Fontana to change state law to allow PWSA to eliminate lead, once and for all, from our system, and to provide state funding sources so that the cost burden does not fall solely on the residents of Pittsburgh.
Leadership is about hard work and solving problems, not about cheap political posturing. We welcome Ms. Wagner to roll up her sleeves and work with us to solve the PWSA structural problems that have been ignored for several decades.  


We will continue to run an open, transparent and inclusive process to determine the future of PWSA, and we look forward to rebuilding a water system that the residents of Pittsburgh deserve."

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