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Sorin : 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. Spotlighting diverse Pittsburghers in social media and here on PittsburghUrbanMedia.com 


January 23, Day 4:  

“I was born in Romania.  I’m actually from a part of Romania called Transylvania.  I like to joke that I might be related to Dracula.  And, I might be a Count, but don’t count on it.

Romania has another culture.  That’s the biggest thing I miss. On the other hand, here I have more opportunities and corruption is less, much less. In Romania, everyday you have to deal with red tape and corruption at any level. Here, you have a much easier life. I feel respected and people are polite. The day to day life is much better.

My goal is to do as much good as possible for kids around here. During the summer, I host one week of [robotics] camps in a different location in the Pittsburgh area. It fills up quickly. Kids are happy. I remember one kid, on Friday, at the end of a camp. He started crying and said he’s not going home.” -- Sorin



Welcoming Pittsburgh is launching 30 Neighbors. 30 Days., in collaboration with PittsburghUrbanMedia.com and other partners, to spotlight stories from diverse Pittsburghers, including those hailing from countries around the globe, transplants from other American cities, and Pittsburgh natives. 


 Follow the campaign:  www.PittsburghUubanMedia.com, WelcomingPGH on Facebook and Twitter, hashtag #IamPGH. 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. runs January 20 – February 18, 2016.

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