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Rev. Loran Mann Celebrates Forty Years At Pentecostal Temple Church And Reflects On His Accomplishments And Challenges Ahead

There are hundreds of thousands of success stories after serving the community for forty years, I am proud to be able to help turn people's lives around because of my ministry — Loran Mann

Rev. Loran MannRev. Loran Mann, founded the Pentecostal Temple Church at 6300 E. Liberty Blvd. in 1971, he is the Senior Pastor of the 1,000-member congregation, retired from broadcasting in 1996 after working 30 years in the business, including 20 years at WPXI-TV. The ministry of Rev. Loran E. Mann spans more than forty years and is synonymous with spiritual, inspirational and visionary leadership. In 1991 Rev. Mann led his congregation in dedicating a new constructed $1.2 million dollar sanctuary.  Five years later Rev. Mann relinquished a distinguished career as a television news anchor/reporter to enter full-time ministry.

PUM: Forty years later, what are you most proud of Rev. Mann?

Rev. Mann: There are several things I am proud of after forty years as a pastor; first of all there are hundreds of thousands of success stories of where we were able to change people's lives around, because of our ministry. There is so much value you can place on that fact, we are not just a church engaged in worship, we have been dedicated to improving the lives of people in various ways. We bought a radio station, to be used to help people speak their minds and we have been using that medium as active participants in helping to shape public opinion. I am proud of the fact that we were able to build a million dollar church in the middle of a neighborhood that has various social challenges.

PUM: What challenges do you face in ministry?

Rev. Mann: There are numerous challenges, we are impacted by the global economy, and one of my first challenges is to continue to stay the course and have a ministry in an economical fashion at the same level--but with less money. We have had to operate with less money and go through the budget process, making some cuts where necessary.

We have had success in getting African American males, from all sorts of situations and backgrounds into the church. We made a concerted effort to get them into the church, it didn't matter if they had criminal backgrounds, or came from all sorts of situations or social standings we have been able to help turn many of these men's lives around, and we continue with those efforts in the hope to bring them to Christ, as a catalyst for improving their lives.

PUM: What about the black family--are you concerned about uniting our families?

Rev. Loran Mann with FamilyRev. Mann: Very much concerned about the African American family unit, there are awful statistics that show 65-70 percent of children are born out of wedlock, and 55 percent of those couples who walk down the aisle before a judge to get married, is letting a court divide what they created, as divorce rates increase. No doubt the African American family is negatively impacted in this country on all socio-economic levels, and the unit continues to erode. Our ministry is trying to find ways to help decrease the number of single family households in our communities.

I have discovered that many times, I had to become a father to many young men and boys who have no biological connection in an effort to try and teach them how to be men, basically becoming a surrogate father in many instances.

PUM: What is the importance of having a spiritual life?

Rev. Mann: Everybody needs an anchor, like a ship in a storm, at times you have to drop an anchor, to become grounded. In this country, with all the challenges we face, if a person doesn't have a spiritual anchor they will be blown away. These storms in life can be fierce, have an intensity that will knock you down — a spiritual life keeps you anchored and provides you with great direction.

PUM: For so many years you worked in the broadcasting industry as an Anchor Reporter, what do you miss most?

Rev. Mann: I still get the rush when I see breaking news, every journalist desires to be in the mix during a breaking news story, there's never a more unsettling moment like being in a newsroom where there is breaking news...I miss the rush of breaking news and the exciting feeling of being on a good story.

PUM: What are some of your upcoming projects?

Rev. Mann: We will be hosting a family conference in October, bringing in the gospel sensation Tye Tribbett.

More About Loran Mann

A mentor to numerous ministers and pastors, Rev. Mann is First Administrative Assistant of the Church of God in Christ, First Jurisdiction-Western Pennsylvania, Superintendent of the Central District, a member of the Executive Committee of the General Assembly, the legislative branch of the Church of God in Christ. In 2000, Bishop G.E. Patterson, Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, appointed Rev. Mann as Commissioner of Broadcasting for the denomination. In March 2005, Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell appointed Pastor Mann as a member of the Public Television Network Commission, which oversees all public TV stations in the Commonwealth.

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