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Police Publish Policies Online

As part of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s efforts to promote transparency, Police Chief Scott Schubert has instructed that the majority of the bureau’s policies be posted online.


“The policies have been put in place to ensure ethical and professional conduct on the part of the men and women of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police; to ensure equitable and constitutional enforcement of law; and to ensure that all members are dedicated to the principles of Procedural Justice: Voice, Neutrality, Respect and Trustworthiness,” Chief Schubert said. “Our proud participation in the National Initiative for Building Community Trust & Justice has solidified our long-held belief that our legitimacy as law enforcement is contingent upon many factors, includi ng transparency. The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police believes strongly in being transparent. Transparency fosters trust."


The policies are available on the city website (http://pittsburghpa.gov/police/manual-procedural-orders).


Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said it is important to provide the public with the opportunity to review policies and how police officers may interact with the community.


“Police are here to serve and protect the public, and they do so on a daily basis,” Director Hissrich said. “Transparency is a key component of building relationships with the community, and this is a positive and important step in that direction.”


Mayor William Peduto applauded the move, which is the latest in the Bureau’s efforts to improve community relations.


"The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police has made great strides in community outreach and openness the last five years, from sharing crime data to joining the National Initiative and this latest move to share its internal policies with the public,” Mayor Peduto said. “I want to thank the leadership of the bureau and every last member of the force for their dedication to both protecting and opening dialogue with the greater Pittsburgh community.”


Source: City of Pittsburgh

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