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The courage and social consciousness of the student movement of Parkland, FL have provided an historic lesson for the whole country, in social activism. The learning and growth experienced by students all over America is an experience that cannot be duplicated in the classroom, but can only be felt in the street, or in the process of “walking out.”


When the students of Pittsburgh CAPA walked out on February 21, 2018 and marched to Market Square, there appeared to be some ambivalence about how the district and the school principal should respond. Initially, students were told they would be disciplined for their defiance. They were threatened with suspension and/or detention. Later, the detention threat was removed, thankfully.


The issues raised by the murders of students and teachers in Florida offer an opportunity for life-changing lessons that should not be missed while adults search for ways to “discipline” involved students. Let’s make it the learning opportunity that it can be. Our first and highest priority is to teach. Let’s keep our priorities straight. 

Sala Udin, Second Vice President, Board of Directors
Pittsburgh Public Schools Participate in National School WalkOut
District Administrators Support Students in Walkout Activities
WHAT: The recent tragedy in Broward County has driven increased interest in student-led civic engagement efforts and actions, including the idea of school walkouts. Pittsburgh Public Schools supports students’ Constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and free expression.  Students across the District are excering their right to stand up againist gun and school violence.  

One month after the tragic events in Florida, Pittsburgh students will join students all across the world, in protest, demanding action against gun violence and commemotrating the 17 lives lost.  At Pittsburgh Allderdice, all students will walkout to designated areas of the campus for 17 minutes, while students at Pittsburgh Greenfield will walkout to the school’s parking lot.    A silent demonstration by students will take place in Pittsburgh Brashear’s auditoroium, and students and staff at Pittsburgh Brookline will walk out to the playground for 17 minutes.  At both Pittsburgh CAPA and SciTech students and staff will exit the facilities to form a human chain around their schools.  To ensure the safety of students and staff, media seeking more information about activities or to schedule coverage opportunities please contact Merecedes Howze at (412) 529-3800.   
WHEN: Wednesday, March 14, 2018 and Friday, April 20, 2018
WHERE: Various Schools 
WHY: The District’s first priority in responding to “walkout” plans and other forms of peaceful assembly is to keep students safe and keep the focus on teaching and learning.  Student voice within Pittsburgh Public Schools is extremely important.  Students can create their own platforms for unique learning opportunities that support classroom instruction and enhance student learning.  

Pittsburgh Allderdice High School 10:00 AM Students will walk out to designated areas of campus to commemorate the 17 lives lost for 17 minutes.  Students will also view a video created by their peers in homeroom.  
Pittsburgh Brashear High School 10:00 AM Silent demonstration in the school auditorium 
Pittsburgh Brookline K-8  
(Grades 6-8 Only) 2:19 PM “Walk Out” to playground for 17 minutes. 
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 9:15 AM All students and staff will exit the school. Once outside, participants will make a human chain around the school for 17 minutes to commemorate the students who died in MSD in Florida. 

Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 All Day Students at the school will hold a “walk up” throughout the day. Students and staff are encouraged to walk up to 14 students and 3 adults and say something nice or engage them in an activity in honor of those who died in FL.
Pittsburgh Greenfield K-8 (Grades 6-8 Only) 10:00 AM Walk-Out to the school’s parking lot for 17 minutes 
Pittsburgh Obama 10:00 AM Walk-Out 
Pittsburgh Sci-Tech 6-12 10:00 AM High school students will participate in an activity outside on the school grounds where they will join hands or form a circle around the perimeter of the school for 17 minutes.  
April 20, 2018
School Time Activity
Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 TBD Panel Discussion featuring local law enforcement, community and political leaders to discuss current PA gun legislation.
Student Achievement Center TBD Planning is ongoing 
Pittsburgh Westinghouse 6-12 Various The school will hold teach-ins. Activities will be held mainly on campus but could take place in the community with local partners. 
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