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Pittsburgh Black Elected Officials Coalition

Express Community’s Concern after Video Recording 

Shows 46-year-old City of Pittsburgh Firefighter

violently assaulting An African American Youth





The members of the Pittsburgh Black Elected Officials Coalition share the community’s dismay regarding the most recent racially charged altercation in our beloved city, “Pittsburgh Stronger than Hate.” 


On June 25, 2019, 46-year-old City of Pittsburgh Firefighter, Thomas D’Andrea, was video recorded violently restraining a13 year-old African American youth at a playground in Greenfield.  Police were called and upon arrival, they observed the 46-year-old pinning the child to playground equipment, with his body atop the juvenile.  D’Andrea, who is Caucasian, has been placed on administrative leave while the Office of Municipal Investigations conducts a probe into the incident.  On June 29th the Pittsburgh Police applied for and were granted, a warrant to charge D’Andrea with Misdemeanor Counts of Simple Assault and Criminal Mischief.


The PBEOC extend their sympathy to the youth and his family.  The media has reported that the child’s father provided an update on the 13-year-old's health status; “doctors found a large lump on his head, swollen lips and a bloody mouth, while he continues having difficulty breathing because of the attack which exacerbated his asthma condition.”  The members of the PBEOC wish this courageous young man a swift recovery from his physical ailments, as well as deep and lasting healing from any and all negative emotional impact from this incident.


As leaders, we insist on a higher standard for our collective behavior. As a Firefighter and a Democratic Committee member, D’Andrea is considered a leader and should have held himself to that higher standard.  According to PA Rep. Jake Wheatley, “the members of the PBEOC are closely monitoring this incident.  We share an intense concern that the correct message is sent to the broader community regarding respect and how the residents of Pittsburgh treat our youth, as well as our citizens in general.”  


For additional information, the media may contact the PBEOC through the website - www.pbeoc.org, email  – pghblackelectedofficials@gmail.com, or phone 412.204.7029.


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