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PWSA Lifts Flush and Boil Water Advisory for Affected Areas of Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, PA (Feb. 2, 2017) - The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) has issued the following release announcing that the precautionary flush and boil water advisory affecting portions of Pittsburgh has been lifted.  

An online version of the release can be found here.  

Pittsburgh, PA – Effective immediately, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) lifted the flush and boil water advisory impacting approximately 100,000 residents in the City of Pittsburgh. Customers no longer are required to boil tap water before consumption. 

Officials from PWSA, the City of Pittsburgh and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) met this morning to discuss water quality data related to the flush and boil water advisory. Officials from DEP confirmed that all drinking water requirements are currently being achieved, and there is no longer a potential risk to the drinking water supply. 

“PWSA sincerely appreciates the public’s patience and apologizes for the massive inconvenience that resulted from the precautionary flush and boil water advisory,” said PWSA Interim Executive Director Bernard R. Lindstrom. “We realize this incident created hardships for residents of the city, but know that our main goal at PWSA is, and will continue to be, providing safe drinking water to our customers.” 

Late Wednesday night, PWSA provided the DEP with the required documentation and data to prove that the Authority achieved compliance, and its drinking water was safe for public consumption.  This data showed that there was sufficient chlorine within the water system, the potential “water of concern” had been eliminated, and that the water met and exceeded all DEP water quality standards. 

“PWSA has the highest level of respect for DEP. Their rules and regulations are crafted to protect the public. In collaboration with DEP and the Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, the Authority will conduct a full investigation and review of this incident,” said Lindstrom. 

“I want to thank Mayor Peduto, Chief of Staff Acklin, County Executive Fitzgerald, all of the public safety officials and the rest of the City of Pittsburgh staff for all their support and assistance,” said Lindstrom. 

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