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PUM catches up with Pittsburgh's Bill Strickland,  President & CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation and chats with him about his role in the movie "Waiting for Superman"

The film was directed by Academy Award-winner Davis Guggenheim (for An Inconvenient Truth)  
As president-CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation and its subsidiaries, Bill Strickland builds partnerships to help the disadvantaged build a better future. He's also the author of Make the Impossible Possible, which includes his story of how a kid from Pittsburgh's ghetto would go on to lecture at Harvard and serve on the National Endowment of the Arts board. The MacArthur Fellowship "genius" award winner is also founder of the Grammy-winning MCG Jazz, the most successful jazz subscription series in America.
PUM: Bill what are your thoughts about having a part in the movie?
BS: I was honored to take part in the movie and have it highlight some of the work we are doing with kids in the public education system. It conveys the fact that partnerships between the public, community and organizations like Manchester Bidwell can yeild outstanding results on behalf of children.
PUM: You are helping to organize an upcoming showing of the movie in Pittsburgh, with some of the films creaters. This includes,  Jeff Skoll,  founder and chairman of the Skoll Foundation, Participant Media and the Skoll Global Threats Fund,  who will also be in town for the event. What is your connection to Skoll?
BS: On December 2nd we will be hosting a Pittsburgh Showing with Jeff Skoll and one of the Producers of the movie who will be in Pittsburgh.  Jeff is on our national board, of NCAT (National Center for Arts & Technology) he  will be coming to town because we will be having our national board  meeting the same day the movie will be showing in Pittsburgh.  
PUM: What is the message you hope that people will take away from the movie?
BS: There is an answer to the problems children in the public education system face, the community needs to step up so we can have good outcomes for these children.
To view a trailer of the movie with Bill Strickland:



Bill Strickland featured in the new documentary "Waiting for Superman"

The new documentary by the director of "An Inconvenient Truth" shows the challenges of the American education system. Because of Bill's success and inspiring stories of students at Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, it is no surprise they interviewed him for the documentary. You can even see him in the trailer! (1:34)


Check out the trailer:

Waiting for "Superman" Trailer [HD] 2010




More about NCAT
The National Center for Arts and Technology (NCAT) has one very simple goal: to make the entire world a better place. While this may sound impossible, NCAT has a very pragmatic approach to realizing this objective. By replicating a proven model of community and educational development in cities across the United States of America and the globe, NCAT is spreading hope and knowledge to people and places desperately needing it.
NCAT uses the Manchester Bidwell Corporation educational model – consisting of adult career training and youth arts components that serve thousands of people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – as a template. After extensive research and relationship building with other local not-for-profits and businesses, NCAT helps craft a center for arts and technology that fits the unique needs evidenced by the locale. 
To learn more about NCAT:   http://ncat-mbc.org/
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