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 PUM One on One with  Evan Frazier, Senior Vice President of Community Affairs- Highmark


As a senior vice president for Highmark Inc., Evan Frazier oversees Community Affairs for Pennsylvania’s largest healthcare insurance provider with subsidiary companies that operate across the United States.  Mr. Frazier oversees activities that include Highmark’s corporate giving, sponsorships, event marketing, volunteerism, select community health initiatives, and the Highmark Foundation.

Prior to joining Highmark Inc., for six years Evan Frazier served as president and CEO of the Hill House Association, one of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s most important and comprehensive community service agencies.  He was responsible for developing and implementing the organization’s strategic vision, which includes managing a staff of over 100 employees, overseeing a multi-million dollar budget, and providing outreach to 60,000-70,000 clients per year in the Hill District and the Greater Pittsburgh region. 

PUM: As senior vice president of community affairs for Highmark, what projects are you focused on and what are some of your goals for the organization?
One of the key projects that I’m focused on is leading a strategic planning process for community affairs and the Highmark Foundation. Our main goals are to deepen our community impact and to ensure alignment to maximize value for our customers and the communities we serve.
PUM: What is a typical day like for you in your position? What are some of your challenges?
While I’m not sure there is a “typical” day for me, my days seem to entail meeting with community partners, participating in business and community planning sessions, working with a team to evaluate funding requests, assessing the effectiveness of programs, and representing Highmark at meetings and events. One of the biggest challenges that we face is to understand and interpret how health care reform will impact what we do and how we operate in the future. I also believe that it’s important to continually challenge ourselves to look at ways that we can be more efficient and effective.
PUM: Highmark and its subsidiary companies provide nearly $900,000 to support more than 120 educational organizations – is supporting children a priority for your organization?
Absolutely!! Children are definitely a priority as evidenced by the sizable EITC tax credit investment through Highmark subsidiaries. Highmark’s commitment to children is also reflected in its support of Highmark Caring Place and Highmark Healthy High Five (a $100 million Highmark Foundation initiative) that focuses on children’s health promotion. In addition to children, we feel that it is important to focus on our seniors as well as many other areas that we cover including support for the uninsured and underinsured.
PUM: Previously, you successfully lead the Hill House Association as president and CEO, the organization recently announced that they have a new President Victor A. Roque – what are your thoughts about that appointment?
Hill House Association is fortunate to have someone as distinguished as Victor Roque at the helm. Victor brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and a real drive to make a difference in the community. Also, his previous involvement on Hill House’s board allows there to be continuity, which is so important particularly when you have a complex organization that has such extensive outreach in both human services and economic development.
PUM: In your new position with Highmark as one of the more visible African American leaders on the team, what is your commitment to diversity and how will you reach the diverse communities with support and community programs?
Since I’ve always had a strong personal commitment to diversity, I’m fortunate that Highmark is a company that places value on having a diverse workforce and serving diverse communities. It is my intention to build upon the groundwork already established in community affairs, as I look for new and creative ways to positively impact diverse audiences and communities.
PUM: Highmark Inc. has made a $100 million contribution to the Highmark Foundation to fund Highmark Healthy High 5 for the next five years, what sort of tangible results can you measure from this program so far.?
As a result of the Highmark Healthy High 5 investment in training for school districts, we are definitely seeing a reduction in bullying within Highmark’s 49-county footprint. There are also other impacts that we continue to follow and assess as it relates to increasing physical activity, educating kids about nutrition, promoting self-esteem, and expanding grieving services for children.
PUM: Evan, you recently received a national award from The Network Journal based in New York City. Can you tell us about that?
Sure. I was selected to be one of The Network Journal’s “40 Under 40”. (In fact, I barely made it, since 40 is approaching me so quickly. J) There was an impressive event held on June 17th at The Crown Plaza Time Square Manhattan for the honorees, family, friends, and associates. I was proud to ensure that Pittsburgh was represented among the list of distinguished African American business, civic, and cultural leaders from across the country. 
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