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PUM Featured Organization: Allegheny County Breast Consortium

Data from the 2015 Community Profile illustrate that Allegheny County has a high age-adjusted breast cancer incidence rate of 133.8/100,000 which is higher than that of the US and the state of Pennsylvania. Black women are a population with a 41.0 percent higher risk of death due to breast cancer (American Cancer Society, 2013) in comparison to White women. Clearly, Allegheny County is an ideal county in which addressing the breast health and breast cancer needs of Black women will have the greatest positive impact.

The Allegheny County Breast Consortium's (ACBC) mission is to identify and eliminate breast health disparities in the county through collaboration of breast health stakeholders – clinicians, academic researchers, non-profit organizations and community members and to  connect women of Allegheny County to mammography and breast diagnostic services.  

Since 2012, this group of breast health stakeholders – including clinicians, academic researchers, non-profit organizations, and community members – have been working together with a mission to eliminate breast health disparities in Allegheny County, PA. The partnership started with an incubator grant from the University of Pittsburgh Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) with a goal of forming an academic-community partnership in Allegheny County to lower breast health disparities. Since then, the efforts of this group have been supported through two community grants from Susan G. Komen® Pittsburgh and a University of Pittsburgh Chancellor’s Seed Grant.

Over the past five years, the ACBC group has surveyed stakeholders and compiled a list of greatest need, services, resources, programs, screening centers, etc. in Allegheny County. 

The 2018 Pitt Seed Grant allowed the group to begin specific marketing in neighborhoods of high need. The efforts are directed at door to door campaigns, billboards, multiple educational events and navigation to needed breast health services. The first community to be targeted was Braddock. McKeesport will be next for Spring, 2018. 

 News Stories:

PUM One on One: Margaret Quinn Rosenzweig, Ph.D., professor and vice chair of research in the department of acute and tertiary care at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing - On the Frontlines of Addressing Racial and Economic Breast Cancer Survival Disparities


ACBC Web Page: http://www.rosenzweig.pitt.edu/research-projects/community-outreach-acbc

Facebook Page:  http://www.rosenzweig.pitt.edu/research-projects/community-outreach-acbc

To view upcoming events click here 

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