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PUM Contributor Catches Up With Mark Cuban after his Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

by Michelle Boasten, PUM Contributor


Pittsburgh native, technology billionaire and Shark Tank Host Mark Cuban endorsed Hillary Clinton Saturday July 30, 2016 at the Pittsburgh Convention Center.  Taking the stage in a simple gray t-shirt with the Batman image with the caption "I Got This," Cuban labeled Donald Trump a bluff and a jagoff.  With enthusiasm and assured confidence, Cuban endorsed and introduced the first woman major party nominee calling her "The Next President of the United States."  Hillary Clinton joined Mark on stage where the two embraced in a hug.  The room was filled with thunderous applause and chants of supporters yelling "Hillary." 


Like Mark Cuban, PUM Contributor Michelle Boasten is the patented technology inventor of electronic medical records and electronic visit verification. 


PUM contributor, Michelle Boasten catches up with Nancy Pelosi at the National Governors Association

 by Michelle Boasten, RN


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke at the National Governors Association Summer 2016 Meeting in Iowa.  With grace and grit, Pelosi spoke of the beautiful sadness of the courage of the veterans.  She said “I was coming here from Omaha and it was so beautiful, sad, but sadly beautiful to see the signs of reverence, flags flying at half-staff along the way, and then coming by the Iowa Veterans Cemetery.  And ever to be grateful for how fortunate we are to have those who would be so courageous both globally and at home to make us the home of the brave and the land of the free." The video with transcript are available through C-SPAN.


Governor Tom Wolf signs the NGA Compact to Fight Opioid Addiction

by Michelle Boasten, RN

Count Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf in on the “Compact to Fight Opioid Addiction” signed at the National Governors Association.  According to the Center for Disease Control State Data report, Pennsylvania is counted amount the states with a statistically significant increase in opioid addiction.  A study released by the state agency that monitors health care costs shows that since 2000, hospitalizations for pain medication and heroin abuse skyrocketed statewide in Northeast Pennsylvania.   Another report from the Pennsylvania Health Care Cost Containment Council shows that from 2000-2014, hospitalizations for pain medication overdoses increased 225 percent statewide and heroin overdoses jumped 162 percent.

Mounting a comprehensive response to the opioid crisis means working with health care providers, law enforcement and other stakeholders.  According to the NGA press release 78 people die every day from this addiction. Click here to read press release.




PUM healthcare and technology contributor, Michelle Boasten is a registered nurse who covered the National Governors Summer Meeting Conference in Des Moines, Iowa.  One of the ideas offered to Governors is mandating opioid level monitoring for patients prescribed opioids.  Through proper blood level monitoring the doctors can know which patients are getting the pills, but not taking the pills.  Because opioid pills are in high demand, they create a street value that in some cases become a revenue stream for a household.  The opioid over prescribing problem has created a new type of drug user and also a new type of drug dealer.

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