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PUM  Catches up with Hollywood Hunk, Lamman Rucker -On His Way Home to Pittsburgh
Rucker's latest film, 'N-Secure" opens October 15th, and Rucker will be in the Burgh to check it out on opening day.
During these tough economic times, Pittsburgh, PA native Lamman Rucker is blessed to still be making it happen on the silver screen. Rucker recently starred in Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married Too?,' and he continues to shine on his main TV gig, 'Meet The Browns." He has also been vey busy acting in the off-Broadway play, 'Black Angels Over Tuskegee,'
Rucker's latest film, 'N-Secure' is hitting theaters on Oct. 15th. The film stars Cordell Moore, Essence Atkins, Tempestt Bledsoe, Denise Boutte, Elise Neal, Rick Ravanello, Thomas Miles, Toni Trucks, Steve Conn, Caryn Ward, Cordell Moore, Dianne Sullivan and BerNadette Stanis.
This film sheds light on a man's downfall from the pinnacles of success into the depths of his damaged character. His insecurities lead him into a series of troubled romantic relationships and eventually a web of events that include betrayal and murder. Rucker plays Isaac Roberts, a musician and fiancé to Bledsoe's character.

PUM: What's up Lamman? Tell us about your upcoming movie being released October 15th.
LR: What is great about the movie, is that it's an independent film set in Memphis, Tennessee. It has an African American cast, writers, and some familiar faces. It's a cool dramatic piece about young black professionals living their lives, as one couple is preparing to get married, the husband gets caught up in deceit and manipulation. It's cool, very suspenseful, a thriller….
PUM: What is the main point you hope the audience will take away from the movie?
LR: Not to be insecure. Don't allow your insecurities to control and dominate your life. It's human to be insecure, but it's not healthy to letl insecurity dictate your choices…Don't let your past pain get in the way of your future. We all got history and relationship drama, but don't let that get in your way because you can ruin the opportunity for others to love you, to care of you or have access to you …because you let your issues and insecurity get in the way.
PUM: Why are you heading home to Pittsburgh this weekend?
LR: I plan to see the movie opening up in Pittsburgh, and I will be attending the Elegant in Black Event on Saturday, as well as attend the Steelers Game,  and take care of a little business…
PUM: Speaking about the Steelers, what do you think about this weekend's game against Cleveland?
LR:  I hope Ben performs well, we can't take Cleveland for granted, I think their back up QB is injured. This is a great rivalry game, and it's going to be good.
PUM: What other hot items you have in the mix?
LR: I am featured in Ebony Magazines upcoming November 65th Anniversary Tribute issue. The magazine will present a recreation of classic covers of black icons over the years, I appear as Richard Rountree.
PUM: Wow, that's great what do you think about recreating Richard Roundtree? Roundtree was a leading man in early 1970s blaxploitation films, his best-known role being Detective John Shaft in the hugely popular action movie Shaft.
LR: It's awesome, he's one of my idols. He guest stared on "Meet the Browns,"  and he played my dad when I was on "As the World Turn." I remember writing a paper about him while I was a student at Duquesne University focusing on Roundtree as the alpha black male. I have always respected his power, charisma, and sex appeal. It is an honor to be considered a young person who has the same mold and similar attributes..
Earlier this year, I also teamed up with Thai Morrisson to form a new skin care line called Forplai (www.forplai.com).
PUM: What about your sex symbol status?
LR:  I appreciate people considering me a sex symbol, but people who really know me also know that I am a down to earth cat…I don't let any of this go to my head…I keep it in perspective…I'm still the boy next door.
PUM: During this volatile Economy, what's happening for many of the African American Actors like yourself?  
LR: It's tough for everyone, even though white actors may have much more material, the economy has touched everyone, and they are struggling like we are. Artists across the board are in trouble, and we need to ban together, to fight for the survival of all of our jobs. The arts in general need to be funded …or we will lose this phenomenal creative process.  
PUM: I'll try to catch up with you when you get to the Burgh Lamman.
LR:  You know I will be running as soon as I step off the plane.
Lamman Bio
The oldest of three children, Lamman Rucker was born in Pittsburgh, then moved around the world before settling in Washington, D.C. He graduated from the illustrious Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts in Washington before going on to Carnegie-Mellon University and Duquesne University.

Throughout his college years, Rucker developed many different skills but never lost interest or the opportunity to keep his artistic gifts sharp. He participated in many fashion shows, talent shows, commercials, print ads and independent films, a highlight being his role as Jimmy Ruffin in the television miniseries The Temptations.

After earning a master's degree from Duquesne, Rucker moved to New York to focus on stage and screen aspirations. After a couple years teaching and performing in the theatre, he started working on such television series as The World Turns, All of Us, All My Children and Half & Half. Most recently he was seen in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? 
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