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PUM Black History Salutes: Michele Rice, Rice Enterprises LLC 

PUM Celebrating Black History Month 2014 Featuring Pittsburgh Leaders Who Inspire


PittsburghUrbanMedia.com proudly celebrates Black History Month this February 2014 by honoring and featuring African American Leaders who inspire and demonstrate a commitment to uplifting future generations. What makes a leader inspirational? The ability to inspire people to reach great heights of performance and success is a skill that leaders need. Passion, purpose, listening and meaning help make a leader inspirational.

As we celebrate Black History Month, the leaders featured  during the month of February all demonstrate that they are significantly shaping the world – in business, government,  academia, the non-profit sector and more.  They are advancing their influence exponentially by shaping and creating a new generation of leaders who are poised to help lead our world forward.


We hope their stories will serve as an inspiration to encourage others to be motivated and inspired to achieve their goals and dreams.


Michele Rice began her career in 1987 working in the family business, Rice Enterprises LLC dba McDonald’s Restaurants.  Michele has been working in the business for 26 years, as they say in McDonald’s she has “ketchup in her veins.”  She worked her way through all levels of management. Throughout her career as a manager, she won numerous awards for Outstanding Manager and Outstanding Restaurants in her region. In 2003, Michele accomplished her lifelong dream of becoming an approved McDonald's owner operator. She has continued to work in the family business and manage the day to day operations of the restaurant. She also has the responsibilities of strategic planning, training and development, office and benefits administration, and hiring. Michele also holds several leadership positions within McDonald's Pittsburgh Region.

 In May 2012, Michele was appointed CEO of Rice Enterprises LLC. She currently operates the business which consists of 14 McDonald locations in the South Hills and Pittsburgh area with her sister, Melissa Rice. There are approximately 1000 employees to whom we provide extensive training, development, and growth opportunities. In addition, she gets to do what she is extremely passionate about by mentoring many young men and women on life and career skills that will be valuable throughout their lives.


A native of Akron, OH, Michele attended the University of Akron. Michele attended and is a member of The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence Program at the University of Pittsburgh. She is on the board of the National Black McDonald’s Owners Association, South Hills Chamber of Commerce, and CCAC Educational Foundation.  Michele is a member of the African American Chamber of Commerce and the South Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Michele has 2 children and 1 granddaughter.



1) Celebrating Black History Month- what are you most proud of as a Black American and what you have been able to accomplish in terms of your career?

 As a Black American I am proud that I have been able to realize my dream of being an entrepreneur due to the many sacrifices and contributions that many African Americans have made before me to make my dreams possible. I am also proud that I have chosen a career where I have the ability to impact so many people lives of all diverse backgrounds. By example, I can show them that they have the same opportunities that I had if they choose to exercise the opportunities when they arise.


2) Why is Black History important to you and our world?

 Black History is important to me because it is a part of my history. Through Black History, I am able to know and understand the many contributions that were made by my ancestors as well as understand the rights that my forefathers fought for to ensure that we had fair and equal rights. I feel that Black History should be celebrated more than just one month out of the year. It is an integral part of American History and should be treated as such. The positive impact and contributions that African Americans have made to the world should be recognized.


Read More about Rice and her family business by clicking here


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