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PUM Black History Salutes: C. Lynn Greer Director of Human Resources at Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

















PUM: Tell us more about your position as Human Resource Director at the Pittsburgh Zoo, you have been in that position for about six years? What do you enjoy most about your position?


I was hired as the HR Manager in 2007 and promoted to the director position in 2009.  I am a generalist with responsibility for all aspects of human resources.  This includes labor/employee relations, benefits, recruitment, workers compensation, employment law compliance, etc.  My favorite focus is employee/labor relations because when you deal with employee issues you never know what to expect from day to day.  I love that I work at a place where people love doing what they do.  The animals are our number one priority.


PUM: What sort of advice do you have for people interested in working at the Zoo and what are some available positions?


Working at the Zoo really isn’t that much different from most other businesses, because we are a business first.  Our product is our animal collection.  Most of our hiring involves positions that provide direct care to our animals, however, we employ administrative staff, grounds and skilled maintenance as well.  Individuals should check our website to see current openings and qualifications required.  We hire close to 200 seasonal staff every summer.  This process begins with our annual job fair being held the last Saturday in February.


PUM: What is it like going to work and being able to be surrounded by so many animals, the Zoo exhibits more than 4,000 animals representing 475 species, including 20 threatened or endangered species


It is definitely a change from other places I have worked.  I am so fortunate that I can leave my office, step outside and be a part of a place that is magical to so many.  We are encouraged to get out and see what is going on, interact with visitors, watch animal procedures and enjoy our animal and plant collections.  My collection of business suits has collected much dust over the past nine years.  Casual day is every day here at the Zoo.


PUM: How do you Celebrate Black History month and what are some significant events and milestones in U.S. black history that you reflect on during this time?


I tune into television channels such as Centric and BET that show special programming that month, as well as activities at my church.  I remember when I had the first black history month board game.  I love it when I hear a black history fact that I was not previously aware of.   The Tom Joyner Show frequently showcases little known black history facts as well throughout the year.



PUM: Who are some of the African Americans in your life that you feel have positively helped to contribute to black history? How have they influenced and motivated you to make a difference in our world?


Dr. Martin Luther King, of course, has had a positive influence in black history.  I was able to visit Atlanta and the King Center a few years back and I was simply awestruck.  The election of President Obama was a milestone that was unreal.  I never thought I would see that in my life time.  Both of these individuals have taken the high road when presented with challenges and obstacles.  This has influenced me to do the same thing when faced with challenges.  I am the only African American director at the Zoo, however, regardless of my race, I am qualified, experienced, respected and accepted in my capacity as director.  I feel that I do make a difference here at the Pittsburgh Zoo. 

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