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Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hamlet--  On Track to Equity: Integrating Equity Throughout PPS


Upon my arrival to the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS), I was charged by the Board of Directors with a weighty task: to identify and eliminate disparities and transform our schools to give all students the best opportunity to succeed. I recognized this would be a task that we could not achieve overnight, and that we would need solid, actionable planning to get us there.

We began this journey with the unprecedented community engagement of more than 3,500 stakeholders, an in-depth data review, and a third-party analysis conducted by the Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS). In April 2017, we launched the first major initiative toward equity with our 2017–2022 Strategic Plan: Expect Great Things. With this new implementation plan, On Track to Equity, we dig deep into the strategies of our strategic plan by calling out our intentional efforts to raise the achievement of African-American students.

To date, our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) demonstrate that we are making progress in most areas outlined in the strategic plan. More students are reaching proficiency. Fewer students are missing valuable instructional time due to suspensions. Importantly, more students are taking advantage of a scholarship from the Pittsburgh Promise upon graduation. Yet despite this progress, we know we still have much work to do, particularly with regard to the persistent disparities in the academic performance of our African-American students. This Equity Plan illustrates our commitment to the continued monitoring of our progress in eliminating these disparities and supporting the work of the Equity Advisory Panel (EAP), established through our Memorandum of Understanding with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Committee, to inspect our progress.

Change is not a straight arrow, but a winding road, ever moving forward. Our continuous improvement model includes checks to ensure the changes we are making are getting us the results we seek for our students. We take ownership of our work to achieve success, and we understand now, more than ever, it is increasingly important that our students attain more than a high school diploma.

I am confident we are on a path to make momentous change for our students. We will only accomplish our goals for students by working together—the School District, schools, families, and community. Our strategic plan was the first step in that direction. Our On Track to Equity Implementation Plan is the next milestone in our journey and will similarly require the participation of all stakeholders. Together, I am confident we will realize our vision of all students graduating prepared for college, career, and life.




To Read The EQUITY PLAN Click Here




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