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November is National Adoption Month
In 1995, President Clinton first proclaimed November to be National Adoption Month. In the years since,  every November, activities, and programs are held to raise awareness and celebrate adoption throughout the country.
National Adoption Day
On Saturday November 17th, 2012, over 4,000 children will finalize their adoptions. Since 2000, nearly 40,000 children were joined with their forever family as part of National Adoption Day, yet over 100,000 children in foster care are still waiting for theirs. National Adoption Day is a day to celebrate and honor the children and families of adoption and to raise awareness for those who wait.
 (Pictured: Robin with her daughter Rainier Sky and Isaiah Reign Beckham)
Waiting Kids:
Check out these sites for more information about National Adoption Month and events on your area:


Beckham Family Adoption Thoughts... 

(Robin is also the editor and founder of PittsburghUrbanMedia.com)











“My family exemplifies everything that makes America the great country that it is – that is the promise of opportunity, despite circumstances, the hope for a better life and we enthusiastically embrace the love of family and country.”

 Blessed is how Robin describes her family. She began fostering her son Isaiah when he was just 18 months and adopted him a year later. She also fostered her daughter Rainier Sky for a year before her adoption was finalized.  The Beckhams are grateful and excited about their journey in life and embrace every day as a gift from God. They openly share their story in hopes that it will encourage others who are considering adoption.

 Isaiah, the oldest, is a natural leader who sets his goals high. He enjoys anything that deals with space and wants to one day become an engineer. His inspiration for reaching for his goals comes in part from President Obama who he sees as the greatest example of what he can become. He currently has a green belt in Tae Kwon-Do which he practices to help reinforce the mind, body and spirit, and the art of discipline.


Rainier Sky, named after the great Mount Rainier in Seattle, also has high aspirations. Although she is only three and currently exploring dance and learning to read, she hopes to one day to become a doctor. Her mother said she embraces each day with enthusiasm and excitement.


Maintaining sibling connections has provided the Beckhams the opportunity to have an extended family, and is a vital component of their adoption story. Robin was actually in the process of adopting Isaiah’s sister prior to her being reunited with her biological mother. She remains open to adopting kin and encourages her children to have relationships with their siblings.


Robin always knew that she wanted to adopt, and the road to adopting from foster care was a spiritual journey, which has been very rewarding for her family. Being a foster and adoptive parent has allowed Robin to provide a stable home environment for children in need and she recommends adoption to families who want to make a positive impact in children’s lives. She remains thankful to her local adoption agency, Three Rivers Adoption, which was very supportive throughout the adoption process.


Allegheny County, where the Beckhams reside, has one of the best child welfare systems in the country, where biological families are provided with every opportunity to help them reunify with their children. However, when reunification is not an option, there are a number of good families available and willing to adopt children because of outreach by agencies in the county. Robin wants Members of Congress to know that these agencies and their staff are dedicated to finding safe and loving homes for these children. She also wants them to know that her family is proof that adoption works and is a great option for children in foster care, who in the absence of adoptive families, would continue to face placement instability, and possibly age out of the system without a forever family.




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