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New & Exciting Discovery at Museum Lab construction site



 Last Friday afternoon (Feb 1), while tearing down plaster to install the new front door at the new Museum Lab, the construction crew spotted a stone mass peeking out at them.  As they continued to pull away the pieces, it was clear that there was a panel behind the wall that appeared to be a decorative element from 1890's.  Chris Cieslak, Children's Museum of Pittsburgh’s project manager for Museum Lab stated, "These moments are common during the process of revitalizing historic structures and are often unsettling.  The question always being, will this be a disappointing or wonderful discovery?"  The answer in this case is it was yet another wonderful discovery in our "beautiful ruin" … In fact the 5'w  8' section of the wall that was cut away on Friday , revealed what appears to be  terra cotta decorative “wind-screen” archway.



 The construction crew continues to cut the wall away to reveal more about this archway - a common feature of buildings constructed in the late nineteenth century.


“Discoveries like these are thrilling,” stated Children’s Museum Executive Director, Jane Werner. “We are now in the Public Phase of our fundraising campaign for the Museum Lab, and moments like this spotlight our need to raise additional dollars in order to both finish the project and capitalize on new discoveries like these “


Museum Lab is a new museum for older kids, located in the former Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny, a historic building located next door to the Children's Museum in Allegheny Commons on Pittsburgh’s Northside.


Museum Lab will include spaces where kids 10 and older can work with makers to create everything from furniture to apps, experiment with cutting edge technology in the creation of art climb three stories on a unique sculpture, collaborate on one-of-a-kind art installations that include:


·       Make Lab, will feature wood and metal working tools and equipment, such as a CNC router, laser cutters, and a soldering station

·       Tech Lab, will feature digital making experiences created in partnership with Carnegie Mellon, such as 3D printing, coding and virtual reality experiences.

·       Studio Lab, featuring interactive experiences with long-term artists-in-residence to experiment with cutting edge artwork.  

·        Museum Lab will be the home of “Laced Rope” an art installation created by artist Mantzalin –transformingthe Carnegie beam library “stacks” into a three story climber.


Museum Lab’s Grand Opening Weekend is April 27-28, 2019.  


For further information about Museum Lab visit www.museumlab.org.


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