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Nan: 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. Spotlighting diverse Pittsburghers in social media and here on PUM

February 5, Day 17:

“In different countries, like in Burma, a lot of people cannot go to school because of insecurity -- with the government and soldiers. A lot of people cannot read. In Burma, we had to speak Burmese in school, although we learned a different dialect at home. If people don’t have money, they cannot go to school… Poor children will have to start working at 6 or 7 years old, selling vegetables, farming, and to help their parents. It’s hard for us to come here with little education and little English.

When I came here, I thought to myself, I’m nothing now -- zero. I have nothing. I don’t know the language. I don’t have money. I don’t have my family. I don’t have my parents here. I’m zero. How can I start my life over at zero?” -- Nan  #IamPGH  



“We make just a little money for ourselves, but a lot of money for the boss. So, I thought: someday, I want to do this for myself -- have my own business and make money for myself. But, I need the support of my husband and my friends, because the restaurant business is tiring, very tiring.


I like to do it. I like to work. I like to cook. When I cook, people eat. When I make curry and people like it, I feel good. I’m so happy. Some people just work but they don’t care how the customers and their friends are feeling or if they like it. When people eat my food and people say it’s so good, I am so happy and I want to cook again and again.” -- Nan  #IamPGH

Welcoming Pittsburgh is launching 30 Neighbors. 30 Days., in collaboration with PittsburghUrbanMedia.com and other partners, to spotlight stories from diverse Pittsburghers, including those hailing from countries around the globe, transplants from other American cities, and Pittsburgh natives. 

  Follow the campaign:  www.PittsburghUubanMedia.com, WelcomingPGH on Facebook and Twitter, hashtag #IamPGH. 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. runs January 20 – February 18, 2016.

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