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In Between the Middle

An inaugural exhibition curated by the #notwhite collective


Dates: January 12th – February 23rd

Where: Brew House Association

711 S 21st St #210, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Opening Reception: Friday, January 12th 6 – 8 pm

Participating Artists:

Rafael Abreu-Canedo, Carolina Acero, Rafaela Acero, Fernando Acero, Anup Aryal, Jose Alban, Sarah Aziz,  Di-ay Batad, Corey Carrington, Francis Cleetus, Veronica Corpuz, Heather Cowie, Sheila Cueffer-Shaffer, Christiane Dolores, Amber Epps, Fran Flaherty, Geña, Sarika Goulatia, Max Gonzalez, Miguel Hoyos, Zena Ruiz, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Liana Maneese, Maritza Mosquera, Ryan Mosquera-Laib, Maggie Negrete, Maybe Jairan Sadeghi, Christina Springer, Sara Tang, Eddie Vilega and Jaina Warren.


Opening Reception Events:
6 pm doors open

7:30 pm Lecture: Dr. Tim Flaherty “Betweeness: the Mathematics of being between”

"What does it mean for an object A to be between objects B and C? This introductory talk will review the notion of distance - first in the ordinary sense, measured in familiar terms such as inches or miles. Then distance will be considered in more abstract terms, as considered in many applications in mathematics. Can we define the distance between arbitrary objects? Yes! We'll consider the idea of betweeness in general; for example, what would it mean to be between an apple and a banana?"


Tim Flaherty has been teaching mathematics for over 25 years. He has published several books in Calculus and Linear Algebra. He is also an ultra-marathon runner, recently completed his first 100 mile race. He lives in Allison Park with his wife Fran and their sons, Liam, Sean, & Lucas.


Other Events:


Thursday, February 1st 7 - 9 pm

Betwixt & Between
a night of poetry and spoken word

Friday, February 16th 6 - 8 pm

Dinner Party/Conversation
During Chinese New Year, the notwhite Collective artists break bread while candidly sharing stories about their work, lives and experiences.
$5 suggested donation

Tuesday February 23rd, 6 – 8 pm
Closing Reception

Performances by Calle Bomba and The Beautiful Ugly.  

#notwhite is
WE are a group of eleven women artists elevating the stories of the others. Those of us who do not fit neatly in the consensus boxes; neatly in cultural categories.

WE are bi/multi-racial/cultural, immigrant or descendants of immigrants. Over the past two years, we have met to share, to question, to investigate, dig deep into what identity is within and outside the construct and context of white---not in skin color, but as a system of oppression, a system we do not align ourselves with. WE hope to provide an artistic platform for difficult discussions on the complexities of cultural identity in America to move us all towards humanity.

#notwhite collective members are: Christiane Dolores, Fran Flaherty, Veronica Corpuz, Geña, Maritza Mosquera, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Liana Maneese, Amber Epps, Sarah Aziz, Christina Springer and Maggie Negrete.

History: #notwhite

In February 2016, #notwhite began as an invitation by artist Christiane Dolores to a group of fellow women artists in the development and creation of visual, poetic, musical and performative experiences that highlight and explore identity from a bi-racial/cultural, multi-racial/cultural immigrant or descendants of immigrants living in America.


Drawing inspiration from novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Ted Talk “The Danger of a Single Story,” Christiane echoed the caution that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding. Prompted by the question “How do we tell our many overlapping stories, our non-singular stories through visuals, dance, song, performance and poetry?” the group embarked on a process-oriented journey of answering, discussing and branching off into deeper questions and further explorations.


Topics ranged from cultural and individual identity, power, supremacy/superiority, privilege, race, gender, exoticism, and language to much more. Ultimately: A journey toward reaching new levels of understanding about ourselves, each other, our families, communities, and how we may exist in a more unified country.


The gathering of these 11 artists, who had not previously known each other, is by definition a new partnership—one that crosses multiple cultural and racial backgrounds. Over 18 months, this initial invitation has organically evolved into deep fellowship from several meetings, many email exchanges, shared resources and pages of notes. Through honesty, compassion, research and investigation, #notwhite was formed as a process aimed at dismantling inherited narratives—default narratives of privilege and oppression (Anglo/Eurocentric/First World, patriarchal, heterosexual, cisgender, Christian, able-bodied...)—and creating a more inclusive narrative that brings into light the different multicultural voices of the collective and beyond.         


The hours of conversation manifested in their first event, This Land Is Your Land Love Party and Youth Empowerment Activities in partnership with the Union Project on May 27, 2017.  

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