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Bill: 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. Spotlighting diverse Pittsburghers in social media and here on PUM

February 14, Day 26:

“After we got married, we came back home just a few days before Christmas and our neighbors invited us over. They told us: ‘you just got back from an 18 hour flight. Why don’t you come over for dinner?’ We go there and it was a surprise wedding party. All of our neighbors were there. Someone baked a cake for us and they all had gifts for us. Especially for us, when our family is back in India and you don't have anyone here, you build relationships from scratch and to get such warmth and love.  I think that’s what Pittsburgh is.” -- Girish  #IamPGH


“The people here are very friendly. That’s a very simple statement, but you realize--when you actually travel and go other places--that this city has a very special light. I like to say that it envelops you in a hug, that's how I feel. Maybe it’s because I live here and I love the people. They're Pittsburghers. There’s so much kindness, you see it on their faces, and you feel that in so many ways.

In the winter, people carry shovels in their cars so that they can just help people. So I thought: ‘wow, I want to do that.’ So, I started carrying a shovel in my car to help random strangers… Everybody thinks of the Pittsburgh left--which seems very strange--but I think it’s very thoughtful.” -- Girish  #IamPGH


“When I came to the U.S. 13 ½ years ago, my family made less than a dollar a day... I didn’t even know what I was going to do and how I was going to do it while I was living in India. It is really difficult for someone coming from a low-income background and, especially being a woman in India, to have these large dreams. I think Pittsburgh kind of symbolizes the life that I’ve had because Pittsburgh has risen from a place where people probably didn’t expect it to get to where it is today 20 years ago... I think that’s why I feel like the city defines me as a person because I didn’t know where I was going to be. I didn’t know I would own a house and have a nice car and be the executive director of an incubator before the age of 35. But, I think it is because of this City. You can have hope and you can have these large dreams and if you are resilient--if you have that in you--you will succeed, no matter what, just like Pittsburgh has.” -- Ketaki  #IamPGH




Welcoming Pittsburgh is launching 30 Neighbors. 30 Days., in collaboration with PittsburghUrbanMedia.com and other partners, to spotlight stories from diverse Pittsburghers, including those hailing from countries around the globe, transplants from other American cities, and Pittsburgh natives. 

  Follow the campaign:  www.PittsburghUubanMedia.com, WelcomingPGH on Facebook and Twitter, hashtag #IamPGH. 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. runs January 20 – February 18, 2016.

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