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DOMI Launches 2070 Transportation Vision Plan



The City of Pittsburgh has launched public engagement efforts to develop an ambitious and far-reaching transportation vision plan and is seeking broad input. PGH MOBILITY 2070 will create a framework to guide investment, development, and management in a complete and connected network of infrastructure, information, and services capable of supporting a fully revitalized Pittsburgh.  

The effort will also result in a tactical and strategic near term (two-year) action agenda to direct the activities and investments of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure and partners in making continuous incremental progress toward the long range vision. 

The planning effort challenges the public to think about the transportation needs and solutions should the City recover a significant portion of population over the next 50 years that was lost in the last half century – growing from the current 302,000 residents to 450,000 residents (still well under the historic population high of 677,000). 

Public and stakeholder engagement kicked off in May with input work sessions to identify connectivity needs from the City to surrounding region, among city neighborhoods, and within sub-districts of the City as well as policy priorities to ensure connections promote equity, sustainability, and economic mobility for all. 

The 2070 Transportation Vision Plan website describes the effort in full detail, includes a survey for interested residents, and an interactive online map where users can identify mobility needs, trouble spots and opportunities. 

Idea gathering will continue throughout the summer and fall as DOMI staff attends community gatherings, festivals, and events to encourage contributions from all. A list of such events is available here

Please look for staff at these events, email MOBILITY2070@pittsburghpa.gov, and/or visit https://pittsburghpa.gov/domi/transport-vision-plan for additional project information. 

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