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PUM One on One: Blayre Holmes Davis, Taking on a New Gig with the Pittsburgh Steelers Focusing on Bridging the Gap with the Community

 Blayre Holmes Davis is the new Director of Community Relations for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Prior to joining the Pittsburgh Steelers, she was the Director of Advocacy and Community Outreach at Adagio Health. In her role, she was in charge of developing and implementing the organizations advocacy platform and working collaboratively with a variety of community stakeholders to create healthcare and education partnerships in communities throughout Western PA. Since joining Adagio Health, she has implemented two new medical offices in high need communities. She has also created a partnership with 412 Food Rescue to teach nutrition education to parents and caregivers in Family Support Centers throughout Allegheny County. Prior to joining Adagio Health, she served as the Program Manager at the Women and Girls Foundation, training over 200 high school girls to be the next generation of civic leaders; through teaching politics, government, youth organizing, leadership development, and community engagement. Blayre has presented at a variety of local and regional trainings and conferences on the women’s healthcare, gender wage gap, women in leadership, salary negotiation, and youth organizing. 

Blayre graduated from California University of Pennsylvania in 2012 with a degree in Communication. During September of 2010, she joined AmeriCorps through the Center for Civic Engagement at Cal U.

She currently serves on the boards of the Pennsylvania Black Caucus Foundation, Dress for Success Pittsburgh, Emerge Pennsylvania and Professional Women Network. Blayre currently serves as a member of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee.


PUM: Tell us more about what your new gig entails.

Blayre:  I am the Director of Community Relations for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I see my position as bridging the gap between the community and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This includes working with the team to understand their interest, such as criminal justice reform or supporting our veterans. Then, connecting the team with organizations that best align and suit what they are looking to accomplish. I also work with non-profit organizations to see how we can best support their mission and impact the community(s) which they serve. This also includes scheduling group appearances during training camp and the season.

In addition to this, I work with the NFL to implement league wide community relations and initiatives. For example, they recently instituted a social justice initiative and I’m really looking forward to working on this.

PUM: How do you plan to connect with the community and why is this an important role, knowing how important the Steelers Organization is in the city?

Blayre: The majority of my career has been in nonprofit community work. Being intentional has always been one of my main values.  I am intentional about continuing to attend community events, meetings, community report out programs and dissecting community needs assessments is imperative for this position. My position and one of my main priorities require being accessible to community organizations because the city gives so much to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, it is important that we do our part by giving back to the community.

PUM: How has your background prepared you for this role?

Blayre: As a black woman, I think it is so important to bring my full self to this work. Not just my professional background but my personal experiences as well. I have over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector; I’ve taught over 200 young women how to organize and become our next generation of civic leaders, presented on the gender wage gap, developed advocacy agendas for the state and local levels, established pop up clinics and new medical offices in underserved communities. While I have accomplished a lot in my professional career, I believe my lived experience is the foundation that will enable me to continue building my passion for community and equity.

PUM: What are your plans in the next few months?

Blayre: A lot! Yesterday, we assembled 16,185 meals for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  This is a part of our NFL100, a league wide initiative to have 1 million people volunteer 100 minutes of service.  In addition to this, I am excited that we are participating in the Ussie Games, August 20th at Cupples Stadium. This event is comprised of community members and all 6 City of Pittsburgh Police Zones.  The mission of this event is to improve community and police relations. There will be activities, for example, water balloon fights, tug a war and more.  In addition to this, I will start working on community appearances for training camp. This will be a big part of my work plan/goals with more to come.  I know that it is going to be a fun, exciting and fully packed year.


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