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Bill: 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. Spotlighting diverse Pittsburghers in social media and here on PUM

February 13, Day 25:

“I remember when steel manufacturing was still doing well here. And I remember when there was a black middle class and when you had African American owned businesses. I remember when communities like Homewood were doing well. But I also remember when we lost 300,000 people. I remember friends were losing their jobs... that devastation. So, for me I was like: ‘I’m never coming back to Pittsburgh.’

It was probably 2000 when I was like: ‘wow, Pittsburgh is different. It’s on the upswing.’ So, moving back has been good, but it’s also been really tough. You know, the African American community, it’s a shell of what it was and it’s hard seeing that and trying to work to push the needle. It can be isolating because there’s not a big African American middle class, there’s not the diversity that I’m used to. I’m used to having friends of all races. And we’re still struggling with that here. So, it’s tough but what just gives me hope is that there’s a lot of great people doing a lot of great things.” -- Bill  #IamPGH



“It’s really important for all of us to really push ourselves and to learn the complexities of diversity. You know my first question when people are talking about Latinos: ‘who are you talking about? What country?’ And it's the same thing with African Americans -- with people that are black. I really think that we just have to push ourselves to understand and to not label and to not put things in catchy boxes and to really understand the complexity. Once you do, you realize how we can just have a full life and a full existence.” -- Bill  #IamPGH

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Welcoming Pittsburgh is launching 30 Neighbors. 30 Days., in collaboration with PittsburghUrbanMedia.com and other partners, to spotlight stories from diverse Pittsburghers, including those hailing from countries around the globe, transplants from other American cities, and Pittsburgh natives. 

  Follow the campaign:  www.PittsburghUubanMedia.com, WelcomingPGH on Facebook and Twitter, hashtag #IamPGH. 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. runs January 20 – February 18, 2016.

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