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April + Omran: 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. Spotlighting diverse Pittsburghers in social media and here on PittsburghUrbanMedia.com 


January 22, Day 3:  

“We complement each other well. His assets are things that help me be a better person. A lot of that, for me, is learning through his culture. People from the Middle East are some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet. They would give you the shirt off their back, they invite you in, they make you tea… My whole experience in Jordan, when you say you are American, I think I got more free falafel then you would ever imagine. Every time they would say, ‘here’s a couple more.”  -- April + Omran  











“I just became a citizen last week… you feel really proud when the country gives you citizenship. It’s just, you know, really nice of them. I hope I’m a good citizen all the time... I think that I’m an ambassador here.” -- April + Omran


January 22, Day 3:  “I took my culture back to Clarion… I actually worked with a company there, I was the first foreign guy to work there. That’s like breaking the rules after 35 years of having the company.” -- Omran  “He broke the Middle Eastern glass ceiling…” -- April  

Welcoming Pittsburgh is launching 30 Neighbors. 30 Days., in collaboration with PittsburghUrbanMedia.com and other partners, to spotlight stories from diverse Pittsburghers, including those hailing from countries around the globe, transplants from other American cities, and Pittsburgh natives. 

 Follow the campaign:  www.PittsburghUubanMedia.com, WelcomingPGH on Facebook and Twitter, hashtag #IamPGH. 30 Neighbors. 30 Days. runs January 20 – February 18, 2016.

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