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 The Department of Human Resources and Civil Service is introducing legislation to Pittsburgh City Council this morning to help improve hiring for Pittsburgh’s Fire Bureau.  

The department plans to contract with the National Testing Network (NTN) to study Fire Bureau hiring practices and particularly its ability to hire women and ethnically diverse candidates.  

NTN will assess hiring policies and practices to ensure there is an equal opportunity for all qualified participants applying for firefighter positions. NTN will identify areas of strength and weakness throughout the city’s policies and practices and will recommend solutions to rectify areas of weaknesses. 

The “Fire Barrier Assessment” contract is for a sum not to exceed $49,875.00. 

“The City of Pittsburgh takes pride in its efforts to improve its processes to source applicants that will lead to the hiring of qualified and eligible candidates to fill its openings. Having the Fire Barrier Study conducted could lead to information to help the Department of Human Resources and Civil Service understand what are the obstacles that are hindering applicants from applying and allow us the chance to review, revise and implement process improvements where necessary,” said Director Janet Manuel (pictured).  





NTN will be using the following workplan:  

  • 1. Collect and review relevant written content related to hiring  

  • 2. Compile Data   

  • 3. Focus Groups/Meetings/Surveys with stakeholder groups  

  • 4. Research other comparable cities 

  • 5. Detail findings in a final report  

  •  6. Final presentation and Q&A with stakeholders 

Current Demographics 


670 Males 

6 Females 


607 White/ Caucasian  

6 Hispanic or Latino 


54 African-American or Black 

3 Asian 


2 American Indian/ Alaskan Native 

6 Two or More or Unknown 

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